Hello Everybody, and asking help on SS Esperance Bay

Margaret S
16th August 2007, 14:39
Hello Everybody,
I'm a newcomer to this forum, so hope I'm not making mistakes (particularly in forum etiquette).
Can anyone please direct me to a passenger AND CREW list for the voyage of the SS Esperance Bay, leaving Tilbury on 5 Dec 1922 for Australia. This may have been her maiden voyage; if not, it would have been the second trip out, but I do think it was the first. At that date it belonged to the fleet of the Commonwealth Line, an Australian shipping line which failed during the Depression years and Esperance Bay, along with other ships of that Line, ended up in the Shaw Savill group. It is only that first voyage which interests me, I do know the general history of the ship. The voyage was said to be "to Brisbane", but that could really include the other usual Australian ports of call such as Fremantle, Melbourne, and Sydney. The passenger list, and also the crew list, is my real interest.
Can anyone help me, or advise? Many thanks.
Margaret S

non descript
16th August 2007, 15:00
Margaret, a warm welcome to you and a nice intoduction piece, well done. Thank you for joining the community; enjoy the site and all it has to offer, and we very much look forward to your postings. Hopefully one or more of members will rise to the task and be able to assist, in the meantime I wish you Bon Voyage

K urgess
16th August 2007, 15:06
Welcome aboard ffrom East Yorkshire, Margaret.
I'm sure your query will soon find an answer, meanwhile enjoy the site.

16th August 2007, 16:32
Greetings Margaret and a warm welcome from a member in the south of England.Interesting introduction you gave. Enjoy the site and bon voyage.

16th August 2007, 19:53
Hi Margaret and welcome to the site.

You have a tall order there. Many (possibly all but I am not sure) trips of that time would produce a passenger list that would be available to those on board but the chances of locating one for a specific voyage after all this time is quite small.

If you are looking for details about a specific person who emigrated you might to better to try looking at immigrant records. As a starting point try this link and good luck with your research: http://www.cyndislist.com/ships.htm



Margaret S
17th August 2007, 05:03
Thank you very much, Brian.
Yes, I am interested in a specific person, but in fact he was NOT emigrating. He was back in England in 1923, and his description on board the Esperance Bay was "traveller" -- that is, NOT "passenger", and NOT "crew". I have that information from someone else, it is not my own research. To check on this rather strange description I hoped to look at the passenger list myself and see what everybody else was described as. I suppose I should really go back to the source of my information about this "traveller" description and ask him where his information came from, indeed how he knows our man was on that ship and that voyage. The info I'm currently given is almost as though he did a round-trip on the Esperance, not going specially anywhere and not involved in getting the ship there! As he was an ex-Merchant Navy man from WW1 (and note that this is only a few years after the war) he may have known how to do that. That's what I need to know.
But, yes, I'll be sensible and go back to my source of the above info on him.
Thank you, Brian, and everybody else for welcoming me.
Margaret S (quite ancient myself, born 1925, but very interested in these matters).

Margaret S
17th August 2007, 07:00
I'm not sure I posted mine to you in the correct manner.
Please let me know if you didn't read my posting of earlier today.
Margaret S.

18th August 2007, 04:20
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the Voyage