Whangaroa / Wainui

12th November 2015, 23:02
I'm modelling this ship and I'm looking for plans.
Can anyone help me?


Andrew P-C
7th April 2016, 17:26
Hello Nico. I do not know if this is of help to you, but I was on the Whakatane and the Wharanui the sisters of the Whangaroa for three round trip MANZ voyages from the States to Australia and New Zealand, the first in 1958. I took a number of B&W photos of the Whakatane, mainly deck shots and a few from ashore. I regret that I have no plans. You are of course welcome to have these photos if they can be of help in your modelling, just let me know. Regards Andrew P-C.

8th April 2016, 09:37
I am x Union Steam Ship Company and have A4 size GA plan but that is all if of any use could email to you.