Trawler interiors of the 1920s

24th August 2007, 12:34
Does anyone know of a source of photos of the interiors (wheelhouse, galley, crew's accommodation, etc) of trawlers from the 1920s era?

I've been asked for help on this subject by a Portuguese model maker, who is building a model of such a trawler.


24th August 2007, 16:29
My Portuguese correspondent is also interested in plans or diagrams of the interior layout of 1920s trawlers.

I can pass on photos of his very detailed model if anyone is interested. Contact me by my Google email address on the home page of the Milford Trawlers website.


Gavin Gait
24th August 2007, 16:34
There is a WW2 propoganda film "Atlantic Trawler" that you can still get off Ebay ( on a VHS or DVD with a film about convoy crews ) that was filmed on a real steam trawler sailing out of Fleetwood which shows the interior of the wheelhouse ( starboard side only tho ) and the crews cabin below.

Apart from that I can only recommend trying some of the heritage museums probably in Fleetwood , Lowestoft or Hull/Grimsby as they should have some photographs of the interior of the trawlers


24th August 2007, 19:22
Think Ive seen that film, Davie. Was the boat named Hondo?

Gavin Gait
24th August 2007, 19:35
Yes Graham it was the Hondo GY

25th August 2007, 08:18
Thanks Davie - I'll have a go at getting that DVD, and I'll pass the message on.