Newcomer in the forum

25th August 2007, 13:28
Hello to all,
Id like to introduce myself to the forum.
Im a naval architect and marine engineer, working now for technical documentation for naval vessels. Since I went to sea a lot of years is gone, but I was everytime in close contact with either shipbuilding or being at the sea. I took a lot of pictures during my seatime, but the quality was not so good as nowadays, when I can take digital pictures. I have a large database with informations about passengerships and ferries, and I have information about some vessels still not closed, although they started their career a lot of years ago. So I will ask for information from time to time, bacause I just found out that somebody had informations about vessels like the Enotria.

Nice greetings to all

25th August 2007, 14:15
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

K urgess
25th August 2007, 14:42
Welcome aboard from north eastern England, Panama.
I'm sure you will find a lot of interest. Enjoy the voyage

25th August 2007, 15:18
Welcome aboard, have a great voyage on this Nostalgic vessel, (Thumb)

25th August 2007, 18:28
Greetings Panama and welcome to SN. Nice introduction you gave. Enjoy the site and thank you for signing on. Bon voyage.

Bruce Carson
25th August 2007, 19:45
Welcome to Ships Nostalgia, Panama.
Good to hear that you'll be joining in the discussions and posting pictures.
You'll meet new friends here and probably become reaquainted with old shipmates, too.

Bruce C

Frank P
25th August 2007, 21:35
Welcome onboard Panama, enjoy the site.


26th August 2007, 18:20
Welcome from the North of England.

I hope you enjoy the site.