26th August 2007, 19:51
I recall a stoppage we had on SS Maihar (I) voyage 94
on 22/7/1957, 6 days out of Aden for Colombo.
I was 4th Eng on the 0800-1200 when I hear a knocking from the LP bottom end bearing, and after having a word with Chief Eng Russell Gordon it was decided that we needed to stop to investigate.
What had happened was that there was a distance piece about 3 ins thick between the top and bottom halves of the conn. rod which had a half cut out on inside face through which passed the conn. rod bolts.
The conn. rod bolt had slackened off very slightly sufficiently enough to allow this distance piece to slip out a little and was hitting the bedplate side as it revolved, eventually shattering.
Shows the small amount of clearance between bott. ends and crankpit sides.

After we stopped and found a spare piece it was found that it was too long to fit between the inner faces of the LP crank webs.
So nothing else but to set to with hacksaws in the vice and cut off a section off each end of a section about 3ins x3ins square from the cast iron piece.
I think we wore out about 30 hacksaw blades.
This was monsoon time in the Indian Ocean, and lying broadside we were shipping seas down the engine room skylight as the roll built up a momentum and rythmn. The eng. accommodation amidships on the Maihar was outboard and anything washing up against the sides carried inboard along over the boat deck and eng. casing.
My diary says stop was 09.40 and under way 16.10
2nd Eng was Jack Evans, 5th Bob Stoddard, cannot recall the 3rd's name but was Scouser.