Johnny McCallum.

3rd September 2007, 18:23
I've put a photo in "Members Faces" in t'Gallery with Johnny McCallum in it. Salaams Phil(Thumb)

Tony Selman
3rd September 2007, 18:32
I have sailed with both Johnny and Stan McGuigan from the photo but for the life of me I cannot remember on what ship/s. Both good shipmates as far as I can recall.

4th September 2007, 04:38
Sailed with Johnny McCallum on the Mahout in 1957 I think it was his first ship as Chief. We had a German Shepard as cargo for Calcutta named Nimbus. The dog spent its time between Johnny's cabin and Bill Woods the mates cabins. This changed after Bob Kingston 3rd mate and I grew beards, it just had to see one of us and it went howling along to one of his shipboard masters cabin. A great trip with a great engine room crew. Ian Aiton - 2nd eng, Brian Cottier - 3rd eng, I was 4th eng and Harry King was 5th eng.


Bob Frizzell.

Roger Bentley
4th September 2007, 18:09
I have posted in the Life on Board section in the Gallery the Asian crew list for the Mahanada in Chittagong April 1960. It may be of interest especially in these days of minimal crews. I did supply this to Tony Sprigings for his book so some of you will have seen it already. Salaams, Roger