St Ives New Shannon - Nora Stachura

9th December 2015, 18:53
The new St Ives Shannon class boat arrived on station on the 13th of November and began training etc for the volunteers. On the 27th November the was an official announcement, part of which was as follows: "The station currently has a relief Shannon class lifeboat, as St Ives RNLIís Shannon Nora Stachura developed a minor technical problem during training this week. She has returned to the RNLIís headquarters in Poole for repair. A relief Shannon class lifeboat is on service and will continue to provide full safety cover."

Rumours locally around St Ives are that the boat grounded while on a shake down trip and was damaged as a result. She is, apparently, likely to remain at Poole for some months for repairs. Does anyone know what actually happened to the new boat?

I'm interested both as a Governor Member of the Institution and because I have friends in the St Ives area who have told me of the scuttlebutt doing the rounds locally.