Bulimba accident Singapore 1968/9

ian keyl
15th September 2007, 00:36
I hope I have my facts correct ,if the v/l was not the Bulimba then it was one of her class, I was on either the Benhope or the Benkitlan homeward bound from the jungle run and were coming down the eastern roads entrance to Keppel harbour and the Bulimba was astern of us but lining up to take the berth on the end of the quay nearest the roads.

We were manouvering to go between a Bluie and a Striats v/l the next thing we saw was the Bulimba hit the vessel ahead of her that broke all it moorings and rammed up the stern of an NYK v/l (ISE Maru one of the fast Japanese ships) which also lost her lines and hit another vessel, at that point our old man and pilot decided to drop the pic and wait to see what developed .

If I recall there was some extensive damage to the first two ships as well as the Bulimba. I cannot remember if there was any injuries it would have supprised if not considering the speed the vessel was going at as she was approaching the quay.
Is there anyone who recalls this accident, was it engine failure or just the current??

Rgds Ian.

non descript
15th September 2007, 08:28
A most interesting account Ian, I hope that it triggers some useful response for you.


15th September 2007, 08:40
The only thing I can add she was sold on shortly afterwards to a Malaysian company and renamed Bunga Kenanga