Maiden voy Benwyvis.

ian keyl
20th September 2007, 01:17
On our outward maiden voyage were due to loaded sea trials off malta over the measured mile, I think near Gozo island.
We had been all kitted up in London by the bofins so all they had to do was come alongside in a tender off malta and for us to unleash the horses,sadley that did not happen as we were slowing down to pick up the British Ship Design and builders team we blew a piston and liner, so we limped into Grand Harbour Valleta and tied up to some huge bouys at the foot of the steps up into main part of town and the GUT.

The engrs did thier best to get it done in time so we could try for the loaded trials but it was not good enough and the owners wanted another liner and piston flown to Malta rather than the expense too S'pore.

So that was another day up the road. I had never been to Malta before but i could understand why they called it the Grand Harbour looking over and seeing your ship all new and with very little rust against the back drop was something speceal. Before I went to sea my father showed me photos he had of HMS Glorious when she was in the grand harbour at the begining of the war the place looked spectacular then. We eventually got away when a new liner and piston arrived from Glasgow by Dan Dare airways charter. It was running in till we got to Suez then we opened her up for the rest of that voyage and subcequent ones no vessels ever passed us. It was great steaming past other vessels but it was most annoying that we had several issues with the vessel from the builder to suppliers that persistantly gave us problems.
The maiden voyage was still a great time and fun ,all the crew worked hard and played hard even doubled up so thier mates could get time ashore on the Japanese coast where time was in short supply in some ports down to 12 /18 hours .The Japanese coast was a favourite for many Ben lads on deck and blind benders were regular occurances.From leaving Yokohama and calling at the following ports,Shimazu,Nagoya,Kobe,Nagasaki,Moji, Pusan,Keelung ,Koahsiung and Hong Kong we could do it in about 23 days.
As the c/o used to say on Subs day anything for the weekend ,looking at a box of powder dry Prevax,oh my god what a thought.

Best Rgds Ian.