QE2 Replacement

21st September 2007, 21:27
I'm not sure if a thread was started for this or not, but since i don't see one specifically dedicated to this topic, I thought I'd start one, and get the opinions of the esteemed members of this board.

So, do you think once the Vicky is launched and running, that Cunard will replace the QE2? I know you can never really replace her, as she is such an icon, but what do you think? I hope they do, but only Carnival knows for sure.

21st September 2007, 21:47
I always thought that the Queen Victoria was the replacement for the QE2 and that Cunard would sell QE2 once the QV was operational - which seems to be the case now.


21st September 2007, 22:23
Not exactly an answer to your question , but is seems pitiful that we have the will and will find the money (20 to 30 milllion),to keep an overseas bound oil painting in a UK gallery, but we don't have the will and won't bother to find the money to save the retired QE2 as a floating, or beached even, something or other on the Clyde. Here as a revenue earning, lasting tribute to the skills of Clydeside shipbuilding and marine engineering, and with a little good will from the owners who have benefitted fom decades of British built Cunarders and British seamen, the QE2 would have been a major tourist attraction for years to come. It would have brought employment and many beneficial 'side effects'. An on board retirement home for fromer shipbuilders and seamen could start the ball rolling. Oh for some visionary, practical people in authority instead of the army of self seeking pretenders with half baked schemes that happily ignore the value of British merchant ships, shipbuilding and seafarers and their contributions in war and peace. There's a group on my river that want to spend millions towing the wreck of the City of Adelaide two or three hundred miles to restore it and they are prepared to do alomost anything to do so. But the QE2 is allowed to sail off into the sunset with a brief few days tour of Britain next year. Huh! Apologies to Lksimcoe if it seems that I tried to 'Hijack' your thread, it isn't intended

22nd September 2007, 14:49
Tom very well said, but unfortunately thats todays world.

22nd September 2007, 15:29
I think I,d be spending the money to save a true British icon and tribute to British ship building and engineering than some rusting out hulk.You are again are about to loose another of the true British haritage I,m afraid.Its time to sit up and take notice.This is how it starts someone thinks they want it but eventually it will end up as a heap of scrape on some foreign beach.We have seen this already with Blue Lady the same will happen here I,m sure with the peace of British excellence.

22nd September 2007, 21:13
she should retire to the clyde where she was built what is wrong with this country when it cant keep some of of these maritime treasures kev.

14th October 2007, 03:53
yes, queen victoria will be replacing the Queen Elizabeth 2. QE2's last voyage will be november 11, 2008 so she has a year left in service. Cunard has marked this as being the first time that "three queens will sail under the cunard flag" however, even though i think the QE2 was the prettiest out of all the seconed generation of queens. i am glad that the queen victoria is coming in. not only does queen victoria continue on with the name tradition of "queen" but also she, brings back the old "i-a" name ending traditon, from back when they used to compete with White Star.