Need help building an RC Fiberglass ship

22nd September 2007, 04:49
I just got two 40 inch ship models off ebay; the Titanic and Queen Mary 2. I would love to start building a large RC ship with my free time. Like something as large as a 12 inch beam. I don't have any experience building RC boats but own two cheap 30 inch ones. I'm open to building anything but think it would be nice to build a large tug boat or something so it is a more life like scale. I would like to buy a fiberglass hull to start out but would like to know where to buy a good one at a good price. If you guys could provide some resource sites for parts, hulls, and plans, I'd be more than happy.

22nd September 2007, 05:21
I found the site and went to their known venders page. After looking at some ship hulls, a 12 inch beam may be hard to come by so i'll keep an open mind to smaller ones.

22nd September 2007, 09:44
Hi Cord, you will probably find some guidance at & click on the forum. There are helpful people there on every aspect of model boat building

23rd September 2007, 04:51
Hi Cord

The first US supplier of hulls who comes to my mind is
Mostly naval units, but a nice choice of big hulls

some good UK suppliers (all offer plans)

Sirmar models : hulls + fittings

Fleetscale : Hull + fittings

Metcalf mouldings : Hulls

Model Slipway : Hulls and complete kits , very nice kits (I have 2 of them)

Mount fleet models : complete kits, very nice kits

Caldercraft : complete kits, very nice kits (I have 3 of them)

One good German supplier is Steinhagen Modellbau. they offer very nice hulls some being really huge (up to 3,2 meters = 130 inches..)
I have the hull of their 1/50 Smit Rotterdam

One US distributor should be
You can laso check his TJ models range. A very good China manufacturer

23rd September 2007, 05:16
Wow, Thanks a lot guys. I'll spend some time looking at the sites.