ellerman postcards

22nd September 2007, 22:26
deleted pictures

K urgess
22nd September 2007, 22:30
Those would be better appreciated and reach a wider audience if you posted them in the gallery, Tom.

22nd September 2007, 22:54
Tried to do this, but a box requires confirmation that I have permission from ther photographer to do so. None of the postcards have any reference to the photographer, so I cant get permission, niether can I admit that I have it. I also have some pictures of the crew that I thought about posting, again I have no idea who the photographer was, so I won't post any more. I'll go back and try to delete the what I've posted in case it causes a problem fo anyone. It seemed a shame not to share them when they're just sat here in a box dooing nothing.

22nd September 2007, 23:32

As long as you are straightforward about the source of your photos and attribute them where possible this is OK. What we can't have is people lifting photos belonging to other people without their permission. If you genuinely don't know the source of the photo - just say so in the notes about the photo. If they turn out to belong to someone else who owns the copyright we can delete them. However if the postcards are recent ones probably best not post them.



Ron Stringer
23rd September 2007, 07:06
However if the postcards are recent ones probably best not post them. Regards, Brian


As a general comment that seems fair, but as Ellermans ceased to exist as a separate company several decades ago, it is most unlikely that these postcards will be "recent". I was enjoying them (but would agree with an earlier posting that they would be more widely accessible to members if they were posted in the Gallery, rather than on a forum). Regards to all.

Fergus 62
23rd September 2007, 08:51
I would agree with Ron and go on to suggest that with the exception of the City of Colombo picture, the pictures are of official Ellerman Line postcards which in most cases depict the ships on their trials. Pictures taken in the
1940s !!

Thanks for showing them Tom, any more ?


Fergus 62

K urgess
23rd September 2007, 12:09
The pictures are now in the gallery, gents.
Tom just got a bit over-enthusiastic and exceeded the 6 limit.
I'm sure he'll be back today with another 6 from his shoe box.
I look forward to all of them.