Getting Started

John Robertson
4th April 2005, 19:15
Just joined and would like to introduce myself. I am John Robertson and sailed with the BI for 12 years where I finished up as 2E/O on the CHILKA and CHANTALA. I also sailed with Elder Dempsters for another 3 years as 2E/O before coming ashore. I now reside in America and have been here since 1974. I understand that there are other ex-BI guys and would like to renew acquaintances.

John R.

4th April 2005, 20:16
And from me too.A pic I took of CHANTALA is in the BI Forum.

John Robertson
5th April 2005, 04:26
Thanks for the welcome. Agree wholeheartedly that Fred (Merchantnavy is one of the diehard BI boys. Have corresponded with him on numerous occasions. I have never met him but we have talked on the phone.
The BI was one of those Companies that is hard to break away from, so much so, that the BIship network was a miracle and responsible for renewing old acquaintances after fifty years when I attended the Engineers Reunion in Glasgow last September. I have even made contact with another BI Engineer locally in South Carolina, so we get to swing the old deckhead lights periodically over a beer or two.

How about yourself? What shipping Company did you sail with?

Look forward to hearing from you.

John Robertson