Merchantmen at War

23rd September 2007, 20:06
I was going to purchase the book "Merchantmen at War: The Official Story of the Merchant Navy: 1939-1944" published by the UK Ministry of Information.

Before doing so I wondered if anybody on the site has read it and if so whether it is any good.



K urgess
23rd September 2007, 23:10
A very interesting publication, Brian.
Wartime propaganda publication for the Ministry of War Transport.
Very good if you want to know how the public was informed during the war.

Your just too late, I got rid of one recently.
There are always some for sale on eBay and Abebooks lists quite a few.
Not an expensive item. Usually sells for about 2.50 + P&P. Have to be a very good to mint copy to cost a fiver.


24th September 2007, 21:55
Thanks Kris.