Yeh G'day.

Paul Christiansen
5th April 2005, 05:59
Just signed on and am looking for ex Shipping Corp Cadets. In particular the cadets from Waitangi/Aorangi days. I finished shipping out in 2001 and secured a position as Pilot/tug Master in my home port Bluff.Incidentally there have only ever been two Bluff born pilots in the 130 history of pilotage in this port. Bob Coote and myself both SCONZ cadets. The oysters,mutton birds paua and blue cod still taste the same.
Best regards, Ruffntuff.

5th April 2005, 10:27
Is the wind still as cold?
Welcome aboard, Paul. Check out the Photo Gallery - you'll find some pics of NZ WAITANGI and NZ AORANGI in my Gallery.
Do you remember Joanne Stanley - although I think she may have been Union Co.- now a pilot at Lyttelton.

Paul Christiansen
5th April 2005, 22:35
G'day Dave. yes, Foveaux Strait is still affectionately called the "Wind Factory" down here. Stops the masses decending on us during the holidays but us locals recognise its traits and have an awesome back yard to play in. Joanne was indeed a USSC cadet and from memory I believe that SCONZ only had 3 female cadets mainly employed on the big box boats. No doubt more names will come to surface as this site comes to light. Thanks for the call back.