port brisbane

28th September 2007, 08:16
i joined her in tilbury june 75...and after seeing the crew bar for the first time ..my impressions were "this is going to be good"...well i wasnt disappointed..except for one major thing...it turned out to be her final voyage..well we sailed down to valencia..and was in the 4th convoy to go through the recently opened suez..for me this was all new ..having always been going round the cape..we discharged in a few ports in the red sea..worst being jeddah, where the booze was locked up..we had 6 weeks at anchor there..but fortunately the skipper capt carling. liked a few himself..so a plan was hatched to ration beer behind the customs backs..it lasted 4 weeks.. so after it had all been drunk ..we all had to dry out for about 3 weeks...ill never forget sailing from there..the priority being "get a barrel on quick"... anyhow we ended up in colombo waiting for orders,,everyone praying we would be heading for the kiwi coast,,,the port st lawrence came in..and we had a whale of a time with them..sadly one day it was announced we were to go to hong kong to be scrapped... we were gutted as this old girl was such a happy ship..some of our shipmates were flown home from there..whilst we the rest took her on the last trip...we only had to do watches..so a lot of guzzling was the order of the day..the bosun ..was my favourite bo bo of all time.. paddy barrett he came from galway..what a character he was..also a brilliant seaman...on arrival at HK we had loads of junks alongside..before the security guards of the new owners could sneeze we were chucking linen, plates, paint allsorts to the junk people..it was so funny the 2nd steward was going mad..as if he owned it all himself..anyhow it was and still is the saddest day i spent at sea...leaving her in junk bay..to fly home...z

28th September 2007, 09:45
Hi Zealandic,
was on the Brisbane in 72 was jos,my best Port Boat, Paddy was bosun then to as you say what a guy, the chippie was Willie Rea, the lampy was Mick Mcinnon(used to play the bag pipes in and out of port).I don't know if it was the same bar, we did it up and called it Never Never land.I did 3 trips on her,great ship well ahead of her time.Did Tassy and Aussie one trip never forget it,great crew,plenty of overtime so had money on the coast,plenty of girls and loads of booze, what more could a young lad of 17 want.Thought every ship would be the same,was to be dissapointed a few times after this trip.Plus as the years went by, the overtime started to dry up,things were changing containerisation was making a big difference.My last Port Boat was the Launceston in 75/76, joined in London took her around the land to Liverpool then on to Falmouth.Overtime everywhere thought would be loaded by the time we got to Aussie,how things change.Got a new skipper and mate for the deep sea trip.Sailed from Falmouth to capetown first day no overtime we thought probably start the next day,anyway nothing, so had words with the bosun(steam on deck) he said there would be no overtime this trip.We were off to Tassy,Aussie then Kiwi and the carribean on the way back.We went to see the skipper but he wouldn't budge, that fu--ed the whole trip up.Needless to say got in quite a bit of trouble that trip really rebelled,such a shame as they were great ships and good memories on most of them.(Hippy)

bob francis
1st October 2007, 08:29
does anyone rember the port phillip i sailed on her many years ago

5th June 2011, 22:23
I sailed on Port Brisbane in 1969 and when we sailed from the dutch islands Curaçao off the South America coast past the Azores we hit a force 10 gale and it was awesome but scary...any one remember this trip

Alex Salmond
6th June 2011, 05:25
Hi Mate ,
I was with Blue Star on the NZ coast on and off from 73-84 and in those early years we used to bump into the Port boats all the time plus the ship your named after ,the Port Brisbane and Port Auckland were popular ships in those days when there was a lot of toing and froing from ships bar to ships bar especially on what we all called Mincing day which was a Sunday and when sneaky pokes were the order of the day with no (well hardly any) punch ups as a result I remember the bar on the Brissie big bar on the main deck accomodation and yes it was all that a crew bar was known for in those days ,Brilliant check out some photos Ive posted of those happy days for us Seamen,did you know a guy called Dave Spence AB on both the Brisbane and the Auckland ?? good guy from Bridlington and well known on the coast in them thar days,

6th June 2011, 05:49
I remember Port Brisbane arriving in Auckland in the late forties/early fifties,
A real breakthrough in naval architecture and , along with Port Auckland,beautiful looking vessels
They certaining stirred my urge to go to sea


6th June 2011, 07:42
does anyone rember the port phillip i sailed on her many years ago
Yes, I had my 21st on her in Auckland in 1963. Sly groggin in Gleesons then aboard for the party in aft rec room. No on-board bars in '63. Average UK - Kiwi trip, 7 weeks on the coast. /Eng Stwd on her.