tyne tug appelsider

michael higgins
6th October 2007, 09:54
i know appelsider left the tyne around 1971 after being sold but i often wondered what happened to her.i found most of her history through searching different sites and have heard at this time she is lying in a bad state somewhere on the shannon.can anyone throw any light on this.
regards mick.

9th October 2007, 09:37
Nice little tug. She was working out of Newhaven for a few months servicing a jack-up platform that was working on a sewage outfall pipe off Peacehaven. The crew got to know the crew of Newhaven's tug Meeching and they gave me and a friend a day on Applesider to see what she was up to. That would have been between 1970 and 73, I think.

9th October 2007, 19:25
APPELSIDER. Imo.5020938. Flag.Dominican Republic. Grt. 173. Built 1962 by Dunston.Hessle. renamed 1972 COLIEMORE.