julian anstis
6th April 2005, 14:03
Built in Trieste Italy in 1953 11,701tns she was purchased in 1978 by Mercy Ships for 620,000. After a four year re-fit which included three operating theatres and a forty bed hospital she joined the three other Mercy Ships that travel the world to wherever they are needed. A lot of her time has been spent at places like West Africa, the Ivory Coast and Ghana usually at the invitation of foreign goverments very often spending 9/10 months at a time in any one port. An unusuall visitor to Avonmouth she is seen here in 1993.
photo courtesy of P.W.Hobday

Does anyone know her previous history prior to 1978....?

29th April 2006, 16:16
Julius Anstis' question was posted about a year ago and I see no reply. I have served on Anastasis for many years and know the history of the vessel relatively well. I am pleased to answer questions.

You know already the date of build etc. She was built as a cargo passenger liner.

Victoria had a near twin sister, Asia, built to many of the same plans exactly. Victoria and Asia often passed a sea on reciprocal routes creating great photo opportunity for her passengers.

She was intended as a largely first class vessel with an emigrant section as well. She has extremely well built, with post WWII thinking, including hard points on deck for AA guns! She had a removable swimming pool installed above cargo hatch 5. She sailed to Pakistan, India and Far East destinations mainly.

Rising fuel and labor costs, coupled with competion from airline industry hurt her service area, and she was sold to Lloyd Adriatica which tried to operate her more as a cruise vessel, but much profit was lost due to unused cargo space and the cost of fuel. Labor troubles added to the expenses and she was laid up until purchased by Mercy Ships in 1978.

One further note, she is due to go out of service before the end of 2006, with a trip to the breakers, sadly, likely.

6th May 2010, 18:38
I sailed on her when she was part of Lloyd Triestino. We went from Bombay to Mombassa to Cape Town to Las Palmas to Brindisi to Venice!