Stirling Ladies.

9th October 2007, 17:05
Getting ready for Sids Opera, Stirling Castle 1962.

11th February 2008, 09:46
Hi Ken,
Nice group you had there mate!
Although i was on the Sterling a while before that Pic.i recall the parties the Queens used to throw in the Crews Quaters,and had some really good times.
Good bunch most of them and never tried anything on with me.
Many happy memories on the Sterling ,Athlone and Winchester which were my 2 main ships,also having served on Dunnottar,Braemar,Warwick (those 3 being as you would well know Round Africa)
This was all from 1957 onwards.
Happy days

Chris Isaac
15th February 2008, 17:11
I think you mean Sods Opera...... dont know who Sid was

24th February 2008, 18:29
I think you mean Sods Opera...... dont know who Sid was

Didn't think Sods could be posted Chris.

Chris Isaac
29th February 2008, 14:22
OK.... point taken....... we musnt say shet either!

K urgess
29th February 2008, 15:33
You're OK, Chris.
It only means something to us Brits.
As far as our cousins across the pond are concerned it's what you lay to make a lawn. [=P]

29th February 2008, 15:50
Never had any like that on the old Good Hope Castle.

Chris Isaac
29th February 2008, 16:28
A couple on the final Good Hope, cant speak for the previous one.
Most were on the Pendennis... used to go up and down Southampton Water stern first !

john strange
5th May 2008, 07:24
The 'girls' used to put on agood show at times. One trip on the Windsor the show was so good Oakley, captain then, had it put on for the bloods.

11th May 2008, 17:02
I joined the Stirling Sept/63, and remember some of the things which went on in the "pig and whistlel" (I think thats what it was called ?)Left her before Christmas as she was sailing Christmas eve. Not a good idea when you've a girl friend to keep happy. Heard later it was a terrible trip out to Cape Town, ending with the stabbing of a friend the tourist head waiter. I then joined the Pendennis in the Jan/64, and during one trip the Old man had to send the quarter master down to the well deck to stop a 'wedding" taking place one night. May/64 I took the job as Peak steward. (gloryhole/crew steward) A P&O ship had paid off next to us in Southampton, and a lot of girls had so much pay logged, they were broke, so they joined us. I had 60 crew to look after, 45 of whom were from the P&O ship, you can imagine the fun/capers (K) they had that trip. A lot of laughs and quite a lot of cash (blood money) for me on return to Southampton.(Thumb)

11th May 2008, 19:21
Great times PJG. The show used to be held on number 1 hatch on the Stirling and quite a few passengers used to wander down and watch. Ken.

dave beaumont
20th May 2008, 11:55
You are right Chris, plenty on Pendennis castle. Names escape me know after 35 years but remember "Auntie" and geting an invitation to "Kate" the steward and "Gumby " the deckies engagement party!!! Declined the invatation.Dave