Ship's Football Teams

23rd October 2007, 20:52
When on "Glengarry" we had one of the best football teams in the Far East! Nobody beat us! Our peak was when we beat one of our deadliest rivals, Ben Line! We played, "Benvrackie" (I think) a highly regarded side in Port Swettenham, the current, then, unofficial champions. Carried away by our success, we took on the RN in Seletar. We had two stars in our side; John Garner, 1st R/O in goal and Albert Farquhar, 2nd Mate in mid-field - an absolute rock! At half time it was 1-0 in our favour. In the second half, fitness told and they beat us 6-1! It was only after the game (because in those days National Service was still in) that we learned we had been playing two thirds of the first team of Oldham Athletic!

Any other tales of footballing achievements?

Tai Pan
24th October 2007, 08:58
Hi Trev. still got clour photo of that team. we organised bingo for the passengers on way out to pay for the strip which we ordered from our agents in singapore. when he delivered them we found shirts a bit tight, europeans being somewhat larger than Malays. albert the 2nd mate split his so many times it fell apart. good memories.

Graham McMorine
1st February 2008, 22:00
When on first trip on the Astyanax I got Press ganged into playing a team of tally clerks in Singapore. The twelve of us turned up full of confidence that we would show these simpletons how to play football, afterall we had a proper kit and plimpsols.
They came out in full regailier, shirts , socks, shorts , shin pads, and boots, all eighteen of them. Everybody played the full match, no subs. They kicked ten colours of s??t out of us and won the game 16- 0. I was sore for a week.(==D) (==D)

14th August 2008, 14:46
hi tony allen here.we had a team on the Elpenor in 55, played a german ship and they gave us a lesson in the art of defending,we all went to the seamans mission after the game and thats when we found out that they had played together for the last 18 months since they left hamburg.they were a good bunch of fellas and we spend 6 days in port together and had crib, table tennis,deck games, but I tell you we did not win many they were great days never to be repeated. regards to you tony Allen blue funnel 55/58

14th August 2008, 14:53
Back again, it was also in port swettenham cheers, Tony allen.

14th August 2008, 22:48
Brings back memories of West Africa. When anyone went down injured (or just knackered) the Trainer (Chief Steward) would run on with a can of ale and a ciggie.


11th August 2014, 22:50
I played on the "Fourah Bay" footie team that played against a German ship team. Heading to the field we were in a collision with a passenger train. Bus driver killed. AB went through side window. Minor injuries. We went on to play the game but alas we lost 2-1