We sailed on the northern star in the 70s

29th February 2016, 15:39
In October 1971 me and my wife sailed to Australia on the NS. Technically we were emigrating Allthough we only intended to stay three years before we had a family. She was a teacher and me a civil engineer.
It cost us £10 each.
Route.... Southampton, Gran canaria, Cape Town, Durban, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney where we disembarked in November.
We had three great years living and working in Sydney.
In May 1974 we returned to England on the NS. Route Auckland ( we broke the journey here for two months to tour all over NZ. Tahiti, hRarotonga, Acapulco, Panama, Panama Canal, Curaçao, Barbados.
We had to pay for that but I can't remember how much.
Shortly after we got back she took her class on a school trip to staple ford park. On the lake they had a scale model of the NS which you could ride on
We liked Oz so much we went back there twice more for long holidays

29th February 2016, 17:27
On behalf of the 'SN Moderating Team', welcome aboard Trickster999.

I emigrated to New Zealand on Northern Star in 1968 going out the same way as you via Grand Canaria, Cape Town, Durban, Fremantle(for Perth), Melbourne and Sydney. The trip was one of the best six weeks of my life.

1st March 2016, 08:47
Thanks David. Did you stay in NZ or come back to uk?

1st March 2016, 10:33
Greetings Trickster and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

1st March 2016, 13:58
Thanks David. Did you stay in NZ or come back to uk?

I stayed in NZ until 1971 coming back to the UK to join the merchant navy having acquired a trade in NZ that P&O wanted. The idea was to go back for good once my MN days were over, but it did not work out that way sadly due to my marriage breaking up. I still miss NZ, possibly the happiest time of my life.

8th March 2016, 16:08
Re Trickster's post #1.
See extract from Stapleford Miniature Railway history. hhttp://www.fsmr.org.uk/history.html
Then during a cruise aboard the Shaw Saville Line SS "Southern Cross", The Second Lord Gretton had the idea of having a scale model of a liner constructed to carry passengers on the lake. This would be combined with the railway ride to the Haven terminus at lakeside. Visitors had long asked for the chance to hire boats on the lake, but this was deemed difficult to administer and police. The liner would solve this problem, and add to the railways operational interest. The replica of SS "Northern Star" Was constructed by Curwen and Newbury and made her maiden voyage on the Stapleford park lake on 27th June 1963. The lake includes islands and even had a working lighthouse on one!
A replica ss 'Southern Cross' joined the "round the lake" service June 1968. The reverse order of actuallity. The models were 45ft x 8ft beam and I believe carried about 10 passengers each. See Gallery picture put up today 08/03/2016.

9th March 2016, 22:50
A link to Alaric's picture here -


By the way trickster I was Third Officer on Northern Star during your voyage I think. We sailed Auckland 8th April 1974 and arrived Southampton 10th May 1974. We also called off Trinidad on 30th April very briefly.