Foreign Vessel.

25th October 2007, 11:17
Looking from my window towards Albert DK in Hull I can see the bridge and gantry of a stern trawler on the landing berth. I cannot see her fishing number but across the side of the bridge she has the letters/ no written V3JR3. Any body any ideas please, its been a long time since a foreign treawler landed here. Cheers Jan.(Thumb)

29th October 2007, 22:53
its a trawler called sapphire, she has a light blue hull i think she was ex iceland, i think she has called her on her way south maybe--jerry

2nd November 2007, 06:22
Thanks for that, I see she is still there. Cheers Jan

2nd November 2007, 14:07
her right name is SAMPHIRE ex BRETTINGUR built 1973 now registered in belize

7th November 2007, 20:33
Hi all,

recently acquired the ships bell off the Arctic freebooter. Dont know if theres anyone on here who may of sailed on her?

8th November 2007, 21:29
the ARCTIC FREEBOOTER H362 built 1966 had plenty of history, how did you get the bell -- jerry

23rd December 2007, 23:22
Hi ya
I think my friends father in law may have been in her as cook (in the 60s/70s) his name was Arthur Reddinpenny ( think thats how you spell it) he was from down St Georges Rd Hull, I meet him in Edmonton Canada as he had immigrated there
All the best

24th December 2007, 07:18
is this trawler ?


24th December 2007, 07:25
see :