Blue Watch

9th April 2005, 19:22
Hi every one,

I have been set a quest by my girlfriend and her family. They sailed on the T.S.S Kampala in 1967-1968 when they where 6 years old. This ship played a larage part of there lifes. They sailed from Bombay to the Seychelles.

I am looking for pictures, ship plans, hoilday snaps, any memoeries of the ship, travel agent files, passenger lists, pictures of the ship being scrapped, really any information would help me.

Did the Kampala have a name change?

Does any one no why there are not many pictures of the Kampala with a white hull?

Many thanks
Scott Wilson.

12th April 2005, 21:02
Hi Scott,

This is all I could find on the T.S.S. Kampala

12th April 2005, 21:37
I found the attached painting at the below site, which could also give you more info if this is the right ship.

Pas: 60 1st, 180 2nd, 2441 deck. 1955 deck passengers replaced by 850 bunked. Finally 308 cabin. 1971 scrapped at Kaohsiung.

The painting is called Kampala at Bombay so its looking hopeful. Hope it helps



13th April 2005, 20:34
I/m sure there will be something on the various BI sites and the BI section on the Merchant Navy Officers site