Jan Hendrik
10th April 2005, 13:10
A trailing suction hopper dredger (split hopper) currently working in Tauranga, New Zealand.
Built 1979 by Scheepswerf Stapel B.V., Spaarndam (Netherlands) as " Stevin 5702", renamed to Pelican in 1984 due to amalgamation of companies.
Owner: Ballast HAM, The Hague
Operators: Port of Tauranga Corporation.

Photos taken in Tauranga (Mt Manganui side) 2004.

10th April 2005, 17:32
Does this vessel do a lot of work in the South Island? I'm sure I've seen her in Lytellton and Dunedin (the harbour itself, not Port Chalmers). Can't say I ever saw her at Tauranga. What a great little place though, when we were in Port, I used to go for a morning walk up 'The Mount', see the active Volcano in the bay (whose name escapes me), then get the papers and go for a coffee.

11th April 2005, 02:19
Currently PELICAN is in Drydock at Lyttelton with a due departure date of 15 April.
Yes, Jim the PELICAN does a lot of work around NZ. Her last job (or possibly lay-up) was at Timaru where she was from 14 October 2004 until 20 March 2005, when she sailed to Lyttelton for docking.
She has also done work in Australian ports, but I don't think I would relish crossing the Tasman Sea in such a small vessel!

11th April 2005, 02:21
see the active Volcano in the bay (whose name escapes me),
White Island.

Jan Hendrik
11th April 2005, 03:54
This vessel indeed has been around for many years undertaking dredging work in Timaru and Taranaki.
Also she is now owned by van Oordt which took over from Ballast Westham .
There have been a lot of mergers between the many Dutch Dredging companies over the years and in turn they are part of a large Group i.e. HAM is a giant construction company doing a lot of work internationally.

17th April 2005, 06:06
Two photos of PELICAN dredging at Timaru in the early 1990s.
Courtesy of Max Diehl.

17th April 2005, 07:51
In 1987 the ports of Timaru, Tauranga and New Plymouth decided to combine their dredging workloads, retiring their three existing dredgers and putting the work out to international contract. This was won by the New Zealand Dredging Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Royal Volker Stevin Group of the Netherlands.
This company then relocated the PELICAN from Holland to New Zealand aboard the heavy lift, semi-submersible ship HAPPY MAMMOTH arriving in Timaru on 17 July 1988.
On 18 July in a four hour operation, the HAPPY MAMMOTH partially submerged herself alongside No.3 Wharf to allow the PELICAN to float and then she was towed out through the stern of the carrier vessel.
The photos below were taken by my father on that day. The first shows the HAPPY MAMMOTH with PELICAN aboard, the second showing the method by which she was towed out and the last showing the operation in progress.

The early history of the PELICAN is interesting. She was built in 1979 by Scheepswerf Stapel B.V. in Spaarndam as the Hinged-centreline, split-hull stone hopper barge STEVIN 5702, being converted into a trailer suction dredge and renamed in 1984. Does anyone have any photos of her when she was a barge?

9th May 2005, 01:00
You can find pictures on this link of the STEVIN 5702 ....


Jan Hendrik
9th May 2005, 01:26
Yes seen it before, know that site, excellent. Thanks
I took my own photos of course, just having to be around in the area.

15th May 2005, 11:02
PELICAN finally cleared Lyttelton after her survey on 10 May 2005 for that great non-de-script destination - "Sea".