George Fawcett

ian keyl
8th March 2016, 10:11
Does anyone remember the above person he was a cadet and possibly second mate with BI.
He came from Scotland and as I remember him shortish and stocky dark wavy hair.(sorry George) .

I worked with him in the early 70's ashore when he was working in Leeds with IST (international Surveying Trustees i think ). George was living near Anley Top on the M62 in Huddersfield .
He was mainly surveying containers and certifying loads for countries that suffered from dodgy letters of credit and bills of lading.
He then moved to London where he got a job with Thomas ---- Insurance company in LLoyds. I saw him when I was doing a talk at the Barbican on Containerization and since then not heard a whisper. Does he ring any bells. .
Keep her steady Ian.

12th March 2016, 01:55
I remember George when he was a manager with the TT Club in London.TTC are the liability insurers of container owners ,container terminal operators and such like .They are managed by Thomas Miller.

Sadly George passed away several years ago .

Best wishes,
Neil Wheeler.