14th March 2016, 21:33
Watching Forces programme about Truk and the WW2 wrecks that are in the area I noticed the Diver Support Vessel looked like an old Whaler.
She was a triple expansion job and looking at the shape of her Stern she may well have been Smiths built, just a hunch.
The film appeared to be around 40yrs old and the vessel was called 'Thorfinn' registered at Vancouver B.C.
Any info appreciated Thank You(Thumb)

14th March 2016, 22:06
Had a closer look on the Internet and have now found her, should have checked first, did not expect her to be still around and still used on Diving Support. Anybody been onboard her?

15th March 2016, 17:37
Here she is and still working the same area, I should have checked but thought she would be Re-bar by now. Still looking good, she has not had a Diesel Conversion.

15th March 2016, 17:50
Another photo for those like myself who have spent time operating the Reversing Lever, still has her Foster Wheeler Boilers x2, her British Burners (Weirs?) burn a lot of waste oil from the local Power Station which helps the Island in regards to Waste Disposal and reduces the vessels operating costs, looks like a win win situation. She appears not to be Smiths built but looks like a Smiths design.

9th September 2016, 14:02
Vessel details for Torfinn:

She appears to have retained her original name and shape, only the purpose and accommodations have changed: