Cunard Photo's Issues

4th November 2007, 01:02
I'm not sure if anyone can help with this problem, I have a few photo's of the Queen Elizabeth & Queen Mary. The problem i have is that I bought these photo's around 30 years ago, 3 or 4 have copyrights on them, no problem there, I have the photographers address and am in the process of writing to him to ask permission. But the other photo's I have do not have copyrights on the back of them, I can't remember where I aquired them, and there is no way to know who took them, these photo's are totally stunning. I guess I'm asking what do I do ?
While I will always respect and obey a copyright, I do think that copyrights are a bit of a dark area in many ways. I mean how long should a copyright exist ?
Sorry for the rant, I just think that no one should be denied seeing these beautiful magnifcent moving works of art !!

Derek Roger
4th November 2007, 03:54
If you own the photographs and there is no copyright on them there should be no problem .
Regarding the others which you have written to I think you will be pleased to know that most will give permission as long as you are not using them for financial gain ( Wait and see )

Regards Derek

4th November 2007, 15:21
Thank you Derek,
As always on here, I value the gracious help you can recieve from members. The permission I am seeking, is from the Southamton Echo office, as the fellow I spoke to on the phone stated "we are fiercely protective of any of our material", I will just have to be patient.

4th November 2007, 19:34
When you approach the owner of the copyright I suggest you state that you want to use the photos on a website dedicated to shipping and that they will be used for research and education only.

As for your own photos where you do not know the original owner, you just need to state this when you post them. If someone later can show that they own the copyright we can easily remove them.



6th November 2007, 21:09
Thank you Brian,
I will when I have some spare time, scan the photo's, I have had these photo's in much larger 24" x 18" format sat on my wall since the late 70's, I used to be taken to Southampton dockside from the latter half of the 60's to beginning of the 90's. Now days I haven't been back there since, very sad to know these great liners are just committed to photographs... Ah well !!

6th November 2007, 23:26
I think you will have a problem scanning photos that large Lizzie!

I suggest that you take them out of their frames, put them in natural light and take a photo of them with a decent digital camera.



paddy mcdonnell
13th May 2008, 04:57
Hi Brian,thats a great tip on photo's,I might want to post a picture later,Paddy.