6th November 2007, 03:08
Have been trying to get hold of a photo of the Bolbec, she was owned by Harries Bros. of Swansea. I sailed on board as 2nd Mate in the 1950's, mainly coal out of South Wales and pit props back. Then she was chartered to SNC a French company, usually coal out from the UK to French ports and iron ore from Caen t5o Flixborough. Good old times.

7th November 2007, 15:43
Hi Glan,
google Bolbec Ship scroll down to bottom of page.
HB Line Bolbec coastal tanker.
there is a photo of her.
all the best.

7th November 2007, 17:43
Hi Jackart1.
Look in coasters for Bolbec.

13th November 2007, 20:00
Thanks everyone for your response, found details of the old Bolbec but still have not found a photo !


13th November 2007, 22:03
Hi Jacktar1,
send me your e/mail by pm and i will send a pic of bolbec.
all the best.

14th November 2007, 00:25
Hi Barney............GOT IT ! Very many thanks, its the right one.

26th March 2019, 21:40
I know this is an old thread but doyou have any info on the Bolbec mid 50s, my Father in Law was onboard when she was forced to dock whilst carying Iron Ore, was caught in a storm and listed badly due to uneven load. He's not sure where it docked. I think it was his last trip, he was around 15yo and quit when they returned to Swansea.

27th March 2019, 12:16
Presumably this one

BOLBEC 1926-1958
O.N. 142265. 1,345g. 806n. 230.0 x35.8 x15.5 feet
T.3-cyl. (18”, 27” & 45” x 27”) by Ross & Duncan Ltd, Glasgow. 142 NHP.
24.9.1918: Launched as ARDGIRVAN by Campbeltown Shipbuilding Company, Campbeltown (Yard No. 108), for Ard Coasters Ltd, (Lang & Fulton Ltd, managers).
19.10.1918: Registered at Greenock.
10.1918: Completed for the Steamship Ardgartan Company, (same managers).
1919: Sold to European Gas Company (H. A. Brightman & Co, managers), London, and renamed BOLBEC.
1926: Sold to Harries Brothers & Company Ltd., Swansea.
9.1.1943: Sank following a collision with the Dutch steamer JOBSHAVEN (3,528/16) in position 51.29.15 north by 00.52.16 east whilst on a voyage from Grimsby to Portsmouth with a cargo of coal.
16.9.1943: Refloated and declared a constructive total loss.
16.1.1945: Arrived on the Tyne for repair.
18.1.1958: Arrived at Rotterdam for demolition by N.V. Verenigde Utrechtse Ijzerhandel, Utrecht.