Blue Funnel

tony poutch
7th November 2007, 12:31
MY first trip as deck boy was round the land on SS MYRMIDON Jimmy Morris was Bosun he must have had the patience of Job as he had six of us straight out of deck boy school.Anybody know the history of this ship

7th November 2007, 18:12
What year was that as there are quite a few ships with that name.

Bill Davies
7th November 2007, 18:19
SS 'Myrmidon' was a Victory ship if you are talking 60/61 when I left.
Jimmy Morris was permanently on the coast and took the Deck Boys fresh from the care of Dennis O'Brian (OB) post 58/59 when he took over from Mick Brabender. He must have been 50 around this time.

tony poutch
7th November 2007, 19:03
IT was 65

tony poutch
7th November 2007, 19:36
Between OB Jimmy Morris and the whole setup that was in place (YMCA) and ODYSSEY WORKS made life a lot easier for a lad who was trying to find his feet