photos help

7th November 2007, 16:38
Can anyone help me ,or point me in the direction of photographs of the
ships listed below
SS Royal Emblem-=Hall coy Newcastle
SS Springdale-- Springwell Shipping Co
SS Vestra--Salvesen .Grangemouth..
SS Torquay- J A Davidson(Coal Merchant) Aberdeen........
I obtained the History of these vessels from the Mirimar Website but
photographs are almost impossible..Any help at all would be greatly
Calm Seas to all at SN

Ron Stringer
7th November 2007, 22:08

You can get a B/W photo of the Royal Emblem from here http:// All prints (irrespective of size selected) cost 5 (5 Pounds Sterling) inclusive of airmail.
They provide a reliable and fast service.

I was R/O on the "Bretwalda" in 1961 and occasionally talked to the R/O of the Royal Emblem (in Morse, of course). She was on her way out East to be scrapped at the time.

Good Luck

11th November 2007, 18:17
Hi Ron
Apologies for delay in replying to your advice re ss Royal Emblem and many thanks for your prompt reply .I have followed your advice. so heres hoping
Many Thanks Again