ian jackson
13th April 2005, 00:26
Attached is a photo taken in Pat O'Brians New Orleans 1969. Any Brocks lads know the names.Mike Wild is on the left and I'm 4th from left


Ian Jackson

13th April 2005, 21:53
We used to go up to a bar in New Orleans called the It'll Do Bar ( at least I think that was it was called) We used to take our own bottle of spirits and agreed with the owner that if we gave him a bottle we could drink free, provided be bought some soft drinks. We sat at the bar drinking out of the bottles like a Clint Eastwood movie! It helped that we had just taken over to US a cargo of a couple of thousand tons of the best Scottish nectar from Glasgow, well that was the total when we left UK, possibly some had evoporated en route!