10th November 2007, 20:43
Just Like To Say Hello My First Vist, Looks Like A Very Good Site. Cheif Engineer, And Skippers Run In Familar, All Past On Now, Mother Would Have Killed Me If I Had Gone To Sea ! But Did Manage To Dangle A Line Off The North Wall Some Times And Lived To Tell The Tale.

I Am Trying To Find Information On The Trawler Iranian ( Gy728 I Think). It Went Down Off The Humberside Coast In 1941 Or There About. Three Boats Went Down Together I Am Lead To Belive But Cannot Find Any Referance To This On Any Lists. Can Anybody Out Their Point Me In The Right Direction On How To Find Info. About This .

Many Thanks

10th November 2007, 21:16
Welcome Taylorsetter.

Do you mean the disaster of 1968 when Ross Cleveland, St Romanus and Kingston Peridot were lost? There is quite a bit of information available by Googling the names.

Also see the "Sidewinder" site about Grimsby (presently under re-construction) and "The Bosuns Watch" site about Fleetwood.

John T.

10th November 2007, 21:18
Welcome. I've just tried flicking through "Trawlers Go To War" by Lund & Ludlam but no luck on "Iranian". Unfortunately the book has no index. I hope that somebody else can help you.

10th November 2007, 21:35
Thanks for the replys

10th November 2007, 21:49
Welcome from Lancashire.

I hope you will enjoy the site.



K urgess
10th November 2007, 22:19
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire.
You'll find plenty of help if possible from our crew.
Look around the ship and enjoy the voyage.

11th November 2007, 03:28
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the Voyage

11th November 2007, 12:08
Welcome to Sn and enjoy the trip. Bon voyage.

Bruce Carson
12th November 2007, 14:31
Taylorsetter, from Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia.
I think you have a beginning in your quest and perhaps there will be more help forthcoming from our members.


12th November 2007, 16:58
Hello Taylorsetter and welcome to Ships Nostalgia and greetings from Londonderry,
Cheers, Fred