Kensington Court

11th November 2007, 22:16
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12th November 2007, 12:06
I sailed on the "Errington Court" from Nov 1958 to Jan 1959 on a West African voyage. The Master was Captain Schofield who I believe was on his last voyage to sea before retirement. He told me the story of his rescue following the loss of the "Kensington Court" by the flying boats. Some time later, watching a re-run on TV of "All Our Yesterdays" the filmed interview with Capt. Schofield and some of the crew was shown. I later came into possession of copies of the newspaper reports of the loss and rescue, which I still have somewhere amidst all the other bits and pieces I have collected over the years.

12th November 2007, 23:51

If you come across your cuttings I would appreciate it if you could scan them and get in touch with me by PM so I can add them to the article.



13th November 2007, 13:15
Hi Benjidog,
Will start hunting!