Wrecked TWL feed-pump!

12th November 2007, 17:11
I've put a 'not very good' photo of the wrecked Weirs TWL feed-pump on "Atlantic Conveyor" on the Ships engines site in t'Gallery for the delectation of any Engineers who sailed with these fearsome machines!!! Salaams, Phil(Hippy) I've also put a photo of "Martand's" funnel sticking-up out of the Hooglhi after she'd been holed and sunk at Diamond harbour in, I think, 1963 on the "Shipping accidents" site Salaams Phil

12th November 2007, 18:03
I knew Weirs made a fortune selling their spare parts - but this one beats them all!
I spoke to the MD of Weirs when they moved to Reading and he confirmed the marine spare parts were the biggest earner in the 70s and 80's

20th November 2007, 15:12
Jim S has put a cutaway drawing of a Weirs TWL feed-pump on the same site I put the photo of the "modified" pump if any Engineers are interested. Salaams, Phil(Hippy)

30th December 2007, 01:14
Thanks for the Martand picture Phil, my grandchildren always ask if I was ever shipwrecked. I usually tell them the story about the Martand, as we passed her at Diamond harbour, soon after she broke her back. We were on our way up to Cal, I therefore only saw a Brocks shipwreck, didn't participate. I can now prove it.