Grimsby trawler Emerald - Help Request

13th November 2007, 23:33
I wonder if anybody out there can help. I am trying to find out information on the Grimsby trawler Emerald. My wife’s Grandfather was part of the crew who were presumed lost at sea, but nobody in the family knows anymore. I do not know the exact date of its loss, but it was sometime after 1942, and I think it disappeared in mysterious circumstances, as it was supposed to be in port. Any information, tips on research, photographs etc would be much appreciated.

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K urgess
14th November 2007, 00:18
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14th November 2007, 00:23
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14th November 2007, 03:36
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14th November 2007, 15:11
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15th November 2007, 21:51
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16th November 2007, 00:02
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16th November 2007, 21:25

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