Turnbull's "Docks and Port Charges"

14th November 2007, 14:05
Sounds as dry as dust but a fascinating book.

It's the 4th edition; frontspiece is missing so I can't date it exactly but there are various fold out maps dated 1894 so I would guess it's from the last 5 years of the 19th century.

It must decribe just about every creek round the UK coast (as well as established ports of course) and I've found quite a few locations which saw their last ship many a long year ago and even then it was probably only coasting vessels under sail, barges etc. Lots of references to ballast charges, also names Harbourmasters, local railway goods agents etc.

Anyone else come across it?

14th November 2007, 14:11
Further to the above - just found the following.


"The Port of Manchester is now open to traffic and the following arrangements are in place:-

Sea-going merchant vessels arriving in Manchester during 1895 will not be charged any ship dues, either inwards or outwards........"

An early promotion, bet it didn't last beyond the year end!

16th November 2007, 21:24
Hey, talking to myself on this one - best way to avoid arguments!!

However, I bought the book in Tonsberg last week for Nkr 300 (about 30). Checked on www.AbeBooks.co.uk ; there are two copies for sale, both later editions than mine. One at about 190 and the other at 300+.

I didn't buy it to trade on, but it's nice to get a bargain!

K urgess
16th November 2007, 21:54
Sounds like interesting stuff and a bargain to boot.(Thumb)
Unfortunately I have a habit of collecting such "gems" so I have boxes full of them that I dive into every so often for another gem.
You haven't been talking to yourself, a few of us have been listening.