hamilton trader

14th November 2007, 21:54
just to say i was her in lpool bay when she was holed by the hans knuppel

K urgess
14th November 2007, 21:57
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire.
Sounds like you were at the sharp end there.
Find your way round and enjoy the trip.

Dave Edge
14th November 2007, 23:23
The collision with the 499 grt "Hannes Knuppel" occurred in April 1969. "Hamilton Trader" was sold by Mollers in 1973 and renamed "El Petroil" then "Ithaki Sailor", 1981 renamed "Daniel", 1983 "Daniel 1" then "Georgios S" and arrived Mombasa 4 May 1983 for use as a storage tanker. In 1987 she was broken up at Chittagong.

15th November 2007, 11:17
Greetings RI2005 and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

15th November 2007, 14:46
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

15th November 2007, 22:45
Welcome to Ships Nostalgia and greetings from Londonderry,
were you on board Liverpool Bay when Desmond Stewart was master?

16th November 2007, 01:01
Welcome from Lancashire.

I hope you will enjoy the site.



16th November 2007, 22:23

A warm welcome to the site from the Isle of Anglesey!
I hope you thoroughly enjoy the SN experience and get many happy hours entertainment from your membership. (Thumb)

31st January 2008, 07:46
just to say i was her in lpool bay when she was holed by the hans knuppel

Hi royaliris, I have just joined and did a search on Hamilton Trader. I was on her when she was holed too. I was a junior engineer at the time. My name is Tony Hurley but I think from memory everyone just knew me as "Taff". Send me a PM to exchange email addresses.