Collision Regs 1960

17th November 2007, 21:11
good evening everybody,
I'm looking for the text of collision regulations 1960, I know that they were an annex to Solas 160, all my searches have been in vain.
Could somebody help me??

Regards & thanks in advance!!

17th November 2007, 21:38
I have a copy of Nicholls's Seamanship and Nautical Knowledge, reprinted 1961, with the collision regulations included. There is no date for them but I believe these will be the articles you want. I had just begun learning them when the newer regs came out, 1964 or 1965. I can scan and OCR them. E-mail your e-mail address and I'll send them in a day or two - Abbyy software permitting!


20th November 2007, 23:03
Great job you're doing here my friend, I appreciate too much.
I will PM my email address

Thanks in advance!!

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20th November 2007, 23:08
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22nd November 2007, 11:55
Great thanks to all.