double acting
11th April 2016, 15:39
I watched a programme on the Queen Mary 2, not bad, a reasonable programme. What I noticed was that all the deck officers' jackets only had 6 buttons, Yankee style. Is this now common or is it only Cunard?
Also various nationalities amongst the officers, I find that strange, nothing like that on UK registered ships I sailed on in the 1960s - apart from our colonial cousins of course.

11th April 2016, 16:38
Well they are an American Company as part of the biggest Cruise Group,Carnival.
It is like P&O UK operations pretending they are not part of same group too....

We were on one cruise vessel where it was declared that they had 30 different nationalities of officers and another 110 nationalities of crew....


Peter Eccleson
16th April 2016, 01:08
Numerous uniform styles were trialed during my time in Cunard but to my recollection we only ever had 6 buttons on jackets.
As for nationalities etc.....Carnival swops staff between lines especially P&O and Cunard. Many serving Captains began careers in P&O or Princess Cruises.

16th April 2016, 13:23
I only ever saw MN uniform jackets with 8 buttons. When I was a lighthouse keeper, we had 6 buttons. Pretty sure RN POs had 6 buttons.

John T