New Directory Help Pages

18th November 2007, 21:52
Dear All,

I have created a whole new set of help pages for the Directory in an attempt to make it easier for people to use and hopefully encourage more members to give it a go.

The help pages can be accessed here:

As you will see, the new Help pages are in the form of "How to"s - each focused on a particular topic.

I encourage you all have a go at creating or updating the Directory entries as, unlike the Forum threads, they provide a structured and indexed method of storing reference information. If you have not even checked out the Directory, give it a road test by accessing it from the SN front page and see what you can find in there by clicking on Categories.

I would be very pleased to help anyone with queries about creating Directory entries, and will be happy to provide additional Help screens or update the ones already constructed if you spot any errors or think they are unclear.



non descript
18th November 2007, 22:00

Thank you for a first class job, a really excellent but of work and very welcome indeed (Applause)