MFV Desire BF71 / LH 438

21st November 2007, 19:19
I am trying to find a photo of the the MFV Desire 39 ft built approx 1952. 88 Kelvin. Owned by G M Pirie Whitehills ( I think ) Sold around 1964 and became LH 438. Picture is for website to complete part of skippers life history.

Thanks in Anticipation


Steve Farrow
22nd November 2007, 09:47
With regards to the Atlas and Associated fishing company funnel markings, I have attached these colour images in response to an earlier query about the differences. Sometimes hard to detect in black and white photo's. Associated left. Atlas right.

22nd November 2007, 12:36
many thanks for that clarification. I was all but there except over the years of revisiting this exercise of funnel colours / markings the thin white lines had crept onto the Associated funnel and I thought this was odd with a white bottom. I thought you would answer my plea

Steve Farrow
22nd November 2007, 12:57
Sorry I posted this where I did...............should have been under Grimsby Trawlers and I aren't sure how to move it!

8th January 2014, 22:20
The MFV DESIRE, unless there are more than one is currently with me in Faversham.
I have uploaded two photo's, the old snap i have of her has 'BNF 22' on her as well as the name but i've been unable to unearth her history.
If indeed mine is the one you are looking for i would be grateful for any information. She is around the 40ft and she is about 1952.


9th January 2014, 17:31
i hope this photo uploaded, it is from her early days. I am currently on board in Faversham..feel free to email me , '[email protected]'