Aberdeen Wirless College

23rd November 2007, 21:26
Im looking to find anyone who was a student at Aberdeen Wireless College late 1950s,to early 60`s. I have posted some pics and have more if you are interested
Please have a look and see if you recognise anyone or would like to see more.
thanks, macrae

14th April 2008, 19:12

Attended the college from 1961-63.

Iain T

14th April 2008, 20:30
HI iain,
have a look at the pics I posted of the students at Aberdeen Wireless College, you might recognise some of the guys.
Photos taken around 1959 to 1961 when it was on Union Street.
Let me know if you recognise anyone

15th April 2008, 18:57
Hi Mac

Sorry don't recognise anyone in these photo's. When i started the college it had moved to Albyn Terrace.


Bill Greig
24th April 2008, 08:37
Hi there,
looking at your first photo (Union Street), the gentleman in the middle looks like Joe Roberts, Joe was still teaching morse and regs. when we did our ticket 1972 - 74 at Aberdeen Tech. College.

4th March 2010, 02:32
Hi, macrae:

I'd be interested in looking at your photos - can you tell where they are situated on the site? Some of the lads at Stonehaven Radio - eg Ron Crighton - had been to the College.


4th March 2010, 02:55
Hello again:

I rubbed my two remaining brain cells together and found your photos. Sorry - don't recognise anyone EXCEPT possibly Joe Roberts (think you're right, Bill), who taught me morse and regs in 1966 and later at Aberdeen Tech College. I remember sitting in one of the morse rooms when SOS SOS SOS come over the Atalanta in the control console - sent by someone on the Salvor I in the Cabin where we learned hand-on maintenance. I never knew Joe could move so fast ....

Iain A Willox
10th April 2014, 00:11
I attended Aberdeen Wireless College Union Street in 1954 - 1956 and again at Albyn terrace 1959 - 1960. Unfortunately I cannot get my two brain cells to conjure up your photos - Help!!!
Iain A Willox

Iain A Willox
10th April 2014, 00:18
Is it possible to change the heading please so that wireless is spelt correctly?

10th April 2014, 08:18
Hi Mimcoman,
saw you mentioned Ron Crighton ex GND, we joined OTC together in Sydney
and was at Rons Wedding to Helen in Sydney. He was posted to DarwinRadio/VID and I was sent to PortMoresbyRadio/VIG. Understand Helen couldn't stand all the flying beasties up at VID and they returned to Scotland where joined GKR and GND. Was sad to hear he passed away suddently a few years back
Regards Ern Barrett