Umkuzi/Clan Angus

25th November 2007, 07:52
Phil Roe here, ex-Brock's.
I wonder if any of you Clan Line chaps know anything about the old "Clan Angus"? I was in Colombo on Brock's "Matheran" (J4/E 1961-62 and subsequently promoted to 4/E after 3/E had an accident and had to be hospitalised in Suez homeward-bound) when our 2/E, Dick Hope, spotted the "Angus" coming in and said, "I sailed on her when she was Bullard-Kings "Umkuzi". Once she's tied-up I'll take you aboard and see if we can have a look round the engine-room".
As we were walking up to her you could just make-out "Umkuzi" underneath her new name of "Clan Angus" which bore-out Dick's recognition abilities!!!!
We were given permission to have a look round the engine-room and, as it was the first large up-and-downer I had ever seen I was absolutely amazed by the huge size of the engine!!
The engine-room was extremely dimly-lit, from what I remember, having a tiny little generator chuffing-away to itself.
It was several years, previously that Dick had sailed on her but he remembered the engine-room lay-out perfectly showing me various bits-and-bobs in and around both the boiler-room and the engine-room itself.
I wondered if anyone remembers her and who she was built and engined by. Salaams, Phil Roe(Hippy)

25th November 2007, 08:25

Clan Angus Built 1942 as Empire Prince by Caledon, Dundee, Bonnie Scotland, 1945 purchased from MOWT, renamed Clan Angus, 1956 transferred to Bullard King & Co., renamed Umkuzi, 1959 reverted to Clan Angus, 1962 scrapped.

25th November 2007, 11:00
Her tripple expansion engine was built by the North Eastern Marine Engineering Co. (1938), Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

25th November 2007, 21:25
Many thanks to both Alastair and gdynia! What a great site this is! I don't think I've yet seen any query that hasn't been replied to! Thanks again chaps! Salaams, Phil(Hippy)

26th November 2007, 12:21
SS Clan Angus Built 1942 (Ex as above)builders as above. 431.3 x 56.3 x 35.2.
3 cyl; 24 1/2, 39 x 70" stroke 48". 3 single ended boilers at 220psi.
2 decks, cruiser stern. DF,ESD. code flags GIFG. British flag registered Glasgow.

27th November 2007, 11:24
Phil ...

If you can get hold of a copy of the new Clan Line book**, there are pictures of all three of that class (Allan, Alpine and Angus) in their various guises, as well as a bit of history of how they came into the fleet.

The Alpine, of course, was the one that ended up in the paddy field after a cyclone near Chittagong on her scrap voyage. There are a number of threads here about that incident.



** by Roy Fenton, John Clarkson and Archie More, & published in September 2007 by Ships in Focus