The Essex Coast

18th April 2005, 08:18
During holidays from Leith Nautical College in 1955 we were encouraged to sign on a local coaster to get some sea experience. I signed on the Essex Coast, she was a beautiful little ship about 1200 tons. She serviced the North coast of Scotland and round to the Western Islands.

I got my first taste of sea sickness going round the northern tip of Scotland but will never forget the hospitality of the people of Stornaway whilst we were laid up due to bad weather.

Does anyone know the fate of that great little vessel, or where I could possible find a photograph of her.

18th April 2005, 10:57
Hi, Google search shows this good pic 1955/ESSEX_COAST_417.jpg

Well Zelda I only joined this group today but once again I am in your debt. You are a fount of knowledge

Michael one
21st January 2010, 21:29
In 1968 the Essex Coast was known as Mountstewart.
My father was Master for a short while, Fotoflit have a print of the Essex Coast taken whilst underway in the English Channel.

I'd like to have seen the acccomodation but was never around to go with my father. Certianly better that the late 1930's vessels that he had to endure.

I wished that Coast Lines would of converted her to ISO containers, Like the did for the later 1959 built Dorset Coast. The World Ship Society have prints (a lot cheaper).

Take care


25th January 2010, 00:01
Thunderd and Michael one,
Nice pic of Essex Coast in just surf down the letter E

Michael one
25th January 2010, 23:05
True a good pic, theres also one under Mo (mountstewart 2) shows her in CL colours