New member

18th April 2005, 08:29
Thanks for a great site. I spent 4 years as a Ben Line cadet from 1955 to 1960 and it was the best time of my life. So good to see all the forums being used and all the old memories and stories shared.

I have even fumbled my way through a couple of posts already.

Derek Blair

18th April 2005, 09:52
Hello Derek Welcome to SN.

18th April 2005, 10:33
Welcome aboard, Derek. A great bunch of people here with a wealth of experience. Enjoy.

michael james
19th April 2005, 20:10
Welcome Derek, this is the great maritime connecting link between Aus/N.Z and the old country. What better way to do it ! Look forward to hearing of your experiences with Ben Line and seeing some photos posted ?