28th November 2007, 07:02
I have been collecting ship books since the early sixties and way back then when I was paticularly broke I came across 2 or 3 volumes of very large books which may have been something like "shipbuilders news/times".On one page it would have many photos and details and on the other ship plans .They marvelous and were full of Diagrams adverts plans etc but very big ,say 2' x 18ins .Needless to say I should have bought them and have never seen them since. do any folks have an idea ..best wishes, Alan

Bruce Carson
28th November 2007, 15:49
Wilf, I'm guessing and probably wrong, but they sound like a set entitled "Ocean Liners of the Past", published by Patrick Stephens in the 1960/70s.
They were reprints of various souvenir editions of the 'The Shipbuilder', later 'The Shipbuilder & Marine Engine-Builder', and featured one particular new liner or sisterships in each volume.
The first were fairly small in size, maybe 8" x 10", but later editions were huge.
Accommodation, equipment and machinery were covered in great detail, with pictures, plans, schematics, etc.
I don't know how many volumes were published in total, but some of the liners covered were the Lusitania/Mauretania, Olympic/Titanic, Aquitania, Empress of Britain and probably the Normandie and the Queens.


28th November 2007, 18:23
They were very big publications.

I have one (somewhere ! ) for CANBERRA, it won't fit on any shelf so lives somewhere in that nether region that is rarely explored - under the bed !



(ps) Even if I can find it, it's far too big to scan and post here.

28th November 2007, 21:42
Many thanks, I feel they may have been the origionals to which might have been produced later. When I saw them in the early 1960's they were allrady old perhaps from 1920's/30's masses of info blak binding , I may ask at greenwich for idea.Regards Alan