21016 Reunion -Liverpool

1st May 2016, 21:35
Wednesday 27th April the Vestey Group Shipping Association had their annual Lunch, which took place in the Brittanic Suite of the Liner Hotel, Liverpool.
VGSA consists of Officers and office staff from BSL, Booth Line, Lamport & Holt and shipping associated companies.
There was an attendance in excess of 60 including spouses.
There had been the offer of a short film and a Q&A session regarding the grounding and subsequent loss of the RMS Hilderbrand, a Booth Line passenger/ cargo ship, but the speaker was not formerly asked.
The venue was an old tobacco factory/offices close to Lime Street Station that had been gutted and converted to a hotel based on the heyday of the great passenger liners ( not the cattle carriers called cruise ships of today).
The hotel interior is very bright despite the dark blue carpeting and dark wood paneling up to waist hieght. There are abundance of polished brass portholes and various items of nautical equipment including a bridge telegraph for a twin screw ship.
The Brittanic Suite is styled as if you were seated on the boat deck , with a funnel at the front of the room, typical external P&S 'stairs' capped with teak up to the funnel deck. The suite has a high deckhead is large and airy. We just hoped the 12/4 didn't decide to blow tubes during the lunch or have an uptake fire.
The Hotel reception area is styled like the Pursers Office, with duckets for post and a series of leather suitcases at the front.
This was a much better venue than the yatch club which was used last year.
Close to the station, Theatre, bus stops, free parking and well maintained.