18th April 2005, 12:05
The only conventional coaster under the New Zealand flag operates out of Timaru (and other ports on inducement) to the Chatham Islands.
A small ship of only 520grt, she was built in 1970 in Denmark as BOKUL. In 1978 she became the GREAT CIRCLE and in 1984, JENKA. It was under this name that she came to New Zealand in 1999 to begin her service to the Chathams, initially under charter.
In 2001, she was renamed RANGATIRA when purchased by her operators, Black Robin Shipping Ltd.
She has an overall length of 164' 0'', breadth 27' 3", draught 11' 4" and a service speed of 11 knots (in fine weather). She has a single hold with one hatch (wooden covers) of just over 80' in length.
The photos below were taken in July 2004.

Jan Hendrik
18th April 2005, 15:05
They must have just changed the way they measure the vessels to the 75 metre limit as otherwise they would build the ship to max 500 GRT.

Would you call this a shelter decker?

The Danes used to have most of their coasters painted in bright colours instead of the standard black or battleship grey.
Perhaps the current Owners continued the tradition.
Nice photos David.

18th April 2005, 21:51
I have an admission to make, I've never really come to grips with the term "shelter decker", apart from the fact that it appears to give a ship two gross tonnages. And to that end, RANGATIRA had another gross tonnage of 299.
Don't know of her original colour, but as JENKA she was painted blue, although I think she was red before she came to NZ