Royal Docks - London DVD

29th November 2007, 17:57
Can anyone recommend a good DVD that covers shipping in the Royal Docks London.



29th November 2007, 18:44
I dn't know of any DVD or video which specificaly covers the Royals, but there is a set of three DVDs entitled London's Port and River Heritage, and the three DVDs are:- City of Ships, Waters of Time, and Sweet Thames.
I have City of Ships which contains archive film of the River, and the docks, wharves, etc. I have found it very interesting, especially the scenes inside the vrious docks, including the Royals. I've got other two DVDs on my Christmas Wish List. Signalman.

29th November 2007, 19:16
Snowbow Productions episode 11 The Great Port of London features a good deal on the Royals. Kiwi

PollY Anna
8th December 2007, 17:56
There is a museum in the London Docks, they may have something. So that could be worth a phone call.

Regards Ron

Hugh Ferguson
8th December 2007, 18:41
Try Home Entertainments on web site:- for a video entitled, Port of London 1959 (in colour)