Discharge book and diaries

3rd December 2007, 19:12
I am sure most Brocklebank lads will still have their Discharge Books, but I was either prescient, or just lucky enough, to keep diaries logging all arrivals, departures, which included Stand By, FA, FWE etc. all except last trip on direct Liverpool USA on Matra. (Must have been because I was on 12-4!)
Anyone else kept a detailed log of trips?

These days such a record would have historic value.

Tony Selman
4th December 2007, 17:03
Jim, I kept a log of all the ports I visited on the ships I was on but I was not thorough enough to include arrivals, departure times etc. I only wish I had.

The best I have ever seen on that front is Marconi Sahib who is a moderator on this site. His record keeping of his voyages, and what happened within them, is off the scale.

K urgess
4th December 2007, 17:53
Must admit to being guilty as charged.(LOL)
Not Brock's though, I'm afraid.
Can't remember why I started doing it but from my first trip as a junior I kept a book with the noon chitty details noted. Also arrival and departure times.
Same book has details of the ship, crew list, voyage map, subs, bond, names and addresses. Plus for the first couple of years I kept a diary. I'd have to rely on my letters to the Memsahib for the little details of the last three years. The middle bit is a bit of a blur.
I've just bought a book called "CQ-GTZM - Diary of a Maritime Radio Officer" by Ross Bradshaw (ISBN 0-9532781-0-7) in which he describes his 6 years at sea from 1973 to 1979. I took one look and thought "I could do that for 11 years worth" and then I thought "How". What with all the pictures I took as well I'd have to be writing a few volumes.[=P]